Ex Libris

I`m browsing through a humble and cherished collection of books concerning magic and the allied arts. I remember well the first book that sparkled my imagination. It must have been , ‘Expert Card Technique` by Hugard and Braue of which I didn’t understand much being a shy 10 year old boy. ‘Grootspectrum Goochelboek’ showcased the art in a different way. In between the pages of this 80`s designed book (white gloves and rabbit proudly present on the cover, what a shame…) a world came to life through colourful lithographies and amazing stories from the Golden Age of Magic.

I`m quite old fashioned by heart, endorsing the paper instead of the TV screen. Sinking in the cushions of my comfy couch, scanning the spines of my beloved books. Doubting and choosing the right book for a precious and scarce hour of reading. Removing the dust jacket, judging the cover`s design, reading the preface, devouring word by word, line by line. Again on an adventure, the joy of a working library for a working man.

If you`re in search for a book, feel free to contact me. Maybe I have the book that you were searching for.


Eyes, eyes, look into my eyes.
Good night, sleep tight.
A Life`s Work.