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INSPIRATION - picture taken by Cedric Verhelst, 'Verlanglijstje' was written by Herman De Coninck `Met een klank van Hobo (1980)’.

ARCHITECTURE - picture taken byCedric Verhelst from the house in Geraardsbergen, designed by Martens Van Caimere Architecten bvba.

ART OF MAGIC - pictures were taken by the author in the Houdini Museum of New York & Tannen`s Magic Shop.



Martens Van Caimere Architecten was founded in 2010 together with Robbe Van Caimere. The goal of our design office is to contemplate about and realize sustainable principles and concepts for architecture and building development. The office got awarded in 2013 and 2014 with the ‘City Award for Sustainable Building’ and in 2016 and 2017 with the ‘Award for Most Sustainable House in Flanders, Belgium’ by the BBL.

art of magic.

I was dreaming. My grandfather showed me a book filled with silver, collected from countries far and beyond. I chose a coin. He took it in his hands and made it disappear. My search for this coin ended with a discovery of a world filled with wonders and secrets.  A journey for a lifetime.


  Nikolaas Martens

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